Cigar Humidor Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition with electronic humidifier.

A good humidor is more than just a box.

HUMIDOR BOX Like a cigar, a well-built humidor enhances many experiences, rewards its owner with keen and lasting memories, and provides him with many pleasures. But a poorly crafted humidor resembles nothing more than a box because at best it serves as a way station for cigars as they travel from...

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Two Canadian Companies come together.

Two Canadian Companies come together.   Ultra luxury and style come together. Cigar Star is proud to share that we have been honored to work with Conquest Vehicles Inc. A true Canadian company, to include one of our cigar humidors in their custom ultra luxurious vehicle. These vehicles are manufactured in Toronto...

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Cigar Star humidor humidifier review.

Cigar Star humidor humidifier review Hope everyone is enjoying the summer we are having. With the warm weather and high humidity levels in the summer months you may find that your humidor is retaining to much humidity or a higher humidity level then you desire. Which will cause your cigar to...

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3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition

3 year old Montecristo Today was a great day! 3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition 2010 Aged perfectly in what else our Cigar Star humidor. Amazing flavor and taste, even burn. Aged perfectly. This is why we have such an attention to detail and quality when manufacturing our cigar humidors. We at Cigar...

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