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CIGAR & CIGARS Prices In Canada

CIGAR Cigar and Cigars prices in Canada. Most people know that cigars in Canada are over priced.  Compared to our big brother in the United States the prices can be over double.  Although, in the United States they are unable to purchase some of the best  in the world Cuban cigars. Did you...

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3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition

3 year old Montecristo Today was a great day! 3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition 2010 Aged perfectly in what else our Cigar Star humidor. Amazing flavor and taste, even burn. Aged perfectly. This is why we have such an attention to detail and quality when manufacturing our cigar humidors. We at Cigar...

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aged cigars

Do cigars get better with age

Do Cigar Get Better With Age? Aged cigars DO get better with age just like fine wine! While some people will just toss their stogies in their humidor for a few days, others like to keep them in a humidor for years. This brings out all the complex flavors contained within...

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aged or moldy cigars

Aged Or Mouldy cigars?

Aged or moldy cigars? How do you know? This box of cigars has been sitting in a  Humidor since 2010. My question to you is what do we do with this box of Montecristo Open Eagles? 1. Scream mold and toss them? 2. Tell some story about this being some sort of...

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