Do cigars get better with age

aged cigars

Do Cigar Get Better With Age?

Aged cigars DO get better with age just like fine wine! While some people will just toss their stogies in their humidor for a few days, others like to keep them in a humidor for years. This brings out all the complex flavors contained within the cigar.

Almost any cigar that is hand made or hand rolled, uses long filler tobacco leaves. These are premium tobacco leaves that will more than likely benefit & improve with age.

Cigar made by hand use several different types of tobacco leaves inside each cigar. One may think that their cigar is just the same tobacco leaves for the whole cigar. This is not the case.

Premium cigars use several different tobacco leaves to create one premium cigar. This is what sets apart the premium cigar from the average cigar.

When using several different tobacco leaves for one cigar, you will taste a unique blend of tobacco. When you store these types of cigars for a long period of time inside a quality humidor, all those different tobacco leaves will “Marry” together combining the flavor of the tobacco into one fine tasting cigar.

Aged Cigars
I myself had a Cohiba robusto in my humidor for 3 years, I was saving it for that special occasion. We all know that Cohiba is a premium cigar. This summer I decided that it was time to enjoy it. This cigar had a slight white dust all over it, which was actually crystal that had formed all around the cigar. This is created from the tobacco inside had all married together. Let me tell you that this cigar had such a wonderful taste to it that I enjoyed it right down to the very end, it burned evenly and tasted exquisite!

The bottom line……  A well rested cigar  left for a long period of time in the proper environment, will indeed get better with time!