What is a humidor? This question is asked when someone new to the wonderful world of cigars is away on a vacation.  Decides to buy a box of cigars, only to realize that those cigars need to to be placed in the proper environment in order to stay fresh.


Do cigars stay fresh inside your refrigerator or freezer?  This is one of the most common misconceptions with cigars.  Mostly due to the fact that many people place their cigarettes inside a fridge to keep them fresh.

Cigars are a totally different ball game. A cigar needs proper humidity levels in order to stay fresh.  A humidor provides the proper humidity level. When one places them inside their fridge or freezer there is little to no humidity inside. The cigar will dry out, crack or swell ruining the cigar. If the cigar does not crack it will smoke dry and ruin the flavor of the cigar and it will become harsh, thus ruining the enjoyment of smoking your cigar.

This is why a humidor is so important for proper storage of your cigars.  Now with that said you can still store your cigars inside many airtight containers, such as a ziplock bag or Tupperware dish, or mason jar providing you have a humidifier inside with your cigars.

Another good idea is one chooses to go this route is to add Spanish cedar to the airtight container. Weather it be from a box of cigars or from cigar tubes that are cedar lined. The best solution that works that is affordable can be to place a Spanish Cedar divider inside.

What is the big deal over Spanish cedar? For starters Spanish cedar helps aid with keeping the proper humidity levels inside a cigar humidor. How? because it naturally absorbs excess humidity levels while enhancing the flavor and aroma of cigars.

When you are ready to store your cigars with some style consider a Cigar Star Humidor.

Cigar Star Humidors

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