Cigar Humidors make the perfect holiday gift

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Cigar Humidors make the perfect holiday gift.

Christmas is right around the corner. We know that many gift givers struggle to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If your loved one like cigars we know that a Cigar Star cigar humidor is the best cigar humidor on the market at our price point. Perfect seals, highest quality Spanish cedar on the market will ensure that your loved ones cigars are safe and aging properly, so when its time to enjoy that favorite cigar it will taste and burn the way it was intended to.

Cigar Star Humidors will perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled. Cigar’s are like fine wine, when stored properly they will only get better with age.

We know that there are many cigar humidors in Canada on the market that are much cheaper in cost…. We have a couple of these humidors on our site

Some cigar humidors are offered on many sites for many different prices. We thought we would carry these cigar humidors to offer someone a cheaper humidor.

When you open these cigar humidors you will not get that wonderful aroma of Kiln dried Spanish Cedar. Why? Because these cigar humidors are made with the intention to think you are getting a value cigar humidor.


When your loved ones store 50 cigars at $5 ea $250 worth of cigars will they age properly? Will the cigar humidor enhance the flavor of those cigars? THE ANSWER IS NO! But they will keep them safe as long as you continue to monitor them, so they are good value in this sense.

A Cigar Star humidor is backed by 1-5 year warranty. We make our cigar humidors with pride. This is to ensure that once they are in our customers hands that they WILL enhance the cigars they store and age them perfectly.

We use the highest quality materials on the market, all of our cigar humidors are hand crafted by master woodworkers with pride and care.