Choosing a home for your cigars.


Choosing the proper home for your cigars should be done with as much care as choosing your own house, for you or your family. For this you will be able to enjoy these wonderfully wrapped creations!
After all Don’t you want your favorite and prized cigars to be safe and comfortable just like you are in your home?
Here at Cigar Star we always focus on quality, inside and out. We provide the perfect environment for your cigars to age, so when you decide to fire up your favorite cigar it will taste, burn, and smoke the way it was intended to.

Often we are asked how many cigars will a humidor hold. We base our humidor count on a 42 ring gauge cigar “Montecristo #4” we pack the humidor full of this size cigar, as this will determine the maximum cigars that humidor will store.
Depending on which cigar you smoke will determine how many cigars our humidor will be able to store. If you smoke a large ring gauge cigar this will decrease the amount of cigars it will be able to store inside the cigar humidor.

This is why we say that picking a cigar humidor is like buying a home, if you have 3 children then you more than likely don’t want a 2 bedroom home. Same as a cigar humidor if you like buying your cigars by the box and they are a large ring gauge cigar you may want to look at buying a larger cigar humidor.
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