How to Activate your New Humidor

Before you put your fine collection of cigars inside your new humidor you must “prime” or activate your new humidor. First when you get your new humidor you need to get it ready to store your collection of cigars.
Follow these steps below to activate your humidor.

1. First open your humidor, get a soft cloth and dampen it with distilled water, use the damp cloth to wipe the inside of your humidor. Make sure you do not soak the inside, just wipe it down.

2. Close the lid and leave it for a few hours. Take the humidifier and place it in a bowl of distilled water or Tropical Humidity humidor solution and allow the inside sponge to absorb the water, remove it from the bowl & give it a shake to remove excess water, place it inside the humidor.

Check out our video that will show you step by step instructions on how to season your new Cigar Star Humidor.

3. Repeat the soft cloth process and leave the humidor closed over night. Next day check the hygrometer for a reading of around 70% humidity.


Cigar Star makes an optimal solution mix called Tropical Humidity. This solution actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria, absorbs humidity at humidity levels over 70% and emits humidity at humidity levels below 70%. This way, the humidifier is self-adjusting. Automatically stabilizing the humidity level of your humidor at an optimum level of approximately 70%.

Follow the above steps using a Propylene glycol solution. The reason you need to do this is to make sure that the Spanish cedar inside will not absorb all the humidity from the humidifier, but keep the humidity from the humidifier for your cigars. You are seasoning the wood inside to keep the right humidity for the cigars.

Humidors should keep 65-72% humidity to ensure proper aging for your cigars.

If your hygrometer is still showing less than 62% humidity repeat step 1 process for a few more days. Many times, the wood in a humidor needs to be prepared more than just once. Also check the seal to make sure it is tight. If your humidity is above 80% just open your lid while keeping an eye on your hygrometer, this will allow some humidity to escape from your humidor.

4. Keep your humidor away from direct sunlight or anywhere it may be subject to unnecessary heat. All Cigar Star humidors come with instructions on how to activate your humidor.