New Humidor

Over the years Cigar Star has learned what our customer demand.

Quality is not an option, it is standard in every Cigar Star humidor. Our 2012 models are no exception. These new cigar humidors will exceed your expectation.

We went over the top and around in circles creating some true master piece cigar humidors.

We deeded to take some of mother natures most exotic, rare, raw materials and create dazzling handcrafted humidors with detailed hand crafted inlay patterns. These new humidor make the wood reflect the beauty of nature. Creating a pleasant ambiance when your ready to grab your perfectly aged fresh cigar.

We are very proud of our team of master craftsmen and feel they have elevated our humidors to a new level of excellence with their skillful ability to hand craft  quality and details. If you see Cigar Star you know your getting a cigar humidor that will last for years and age your cigars perfectly.

Take a sneak peak of one of our new 2012 models Ebony surrounded by Mapa burl, Teak and Walnut inlays, Stunning, amazing all hand crafted mad by the hand.